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Recent Events: Continuing Education

“How to Become More Profitable”
Guest Speaker: Allen Schiff, CPA CFE
October 26, 2016

Every doctor is looking for easy ways to make their practice more profitable and prosperous, and Alan Schiff knows exactly how to do it. Allen Schiff is the Managing Member of Schiff & Associates, LLC. Allen has over 40 years of experience in the areas of dental practice management. Allen’s services include business planning to include obtaining financing, succession planning, exit strategies and long-range planning. Allen has assisted dentists with practice acquisitions, start-ups, operational analysis and associate contract analysis.

Continuing Education

We were lucky enough to have him share his expertise at our quarterly continuing education event, and what a success! With over 50 doctors from our dental community, the discussion was as lively as it was interesting. Allen covered topics such as profitability by dental specialty, controlling overhead, retirement and investment planning, tax planning, marketing and more. Check out some of our photos below!



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