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Keystone and Nova OMS Presents: Continued Education with Dr. Polack

Managing Anterior and Posterior Implants: A Pathway to Efficient and Predictable Esthetics


Who's Top Dentist? We Are!



Our First CE Event of 2017

Oral Pathology


EXPERIENCING JAW PAIN? It could be your wisdom teeth!

 Symptoms of Impacted Wisdom Teeth


Dental Implants: A great investment into your health


Dental implants are the best possible choice for replacement of missing teeth. Thanks to innovations in the implant process, you can even get your new teeth in one day. This process can be…


New Year, New Office!

Peak inside our newest office located in Alexandria, Virginia.

We are so excited to continue serving the Northern Virginia community with our new office located off of Duke Street in…


Get The Facts About Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a technique used to help people who suffer from dental anxiety. It uses a mild sedative to induce a relaxed, calm state free from any stress or tension. It’s often used in…


Receding Gums: Are dental implants still an option?

Receding gums usually occur as a resultof long-term or severe gum disease. Gum disease must be treated before dental implants can be placed to ensure your healing after the procedure is…


Congenitally missing teeth: What are my options?

If you were born without some of your teeth, or if teeth are not present in the jawbone after your baby teeth fall out, you might want to have these missing teeth replaced. There are numerous…


Can oral surgery treat sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a condition in which you actually stop breathing for a short period of time, usually multiple times during the night. It severely disrupts your sleep schedule, making it difficult…


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