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Dental Implants: Is it Possible to Get My Replacement Teeth in One Day?

Patients tend to be impatient when it comes to missing teeth. After all, who wants to spend a significant amount of time sporting a smile with a significant gap?

Many patients are now seeing an oral surgeon to treat their tooth loss with dental implants, a tooth replacement method that boasts a number of advantages.

Dental implants offer greater security and stability, and they look more like natural teeth. Dental implants also are more functional than other tooth replacement methods.

A speedy treatment timeline is also on that list. With dental implants, it can be possible to replace your missing teeth in one day.

In the past, the oral surgeon would place a dental implant in one procedure and then go back in several months later to uncover the post on the tooth so that the prosthetic tooth could be placed.

The modern design for dental implants allows for teeth in one day because the devices are now single stage.  No second procedure to uncover the implants is required.

Single-stage implants do still require a certain healing period before the permanent prosthetic tooth or arch can be placed—at least six weeks, but patients can get temporary teeth to tide them over through that time.

That healing period is necessary as the titanium implant fuses with the bone, forming the bond that is the foundation of the implant’s stability and longevity.

Some patients may even be suitable for implant placement on the day of tooth extraction, minimizing the amount of time spent with a missing tooth.

These devices can be appropriate in varying situations, ranging from single tooth replacement to supporting a denture in edentulous patients, so many patients will be eligible for this procedure.

Dental implants offer a lifelike tooth replacement, and patients can get at least temporary replacement teeth in as little as a day. Look into single-stage dental implants as a solution for your tooth loss, and consult with our team of oral surgeons at Northern Virginia Oral, Maxillofacial & Implant Surgery to learn more about the procedure.

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