Choosing The Right Sedation Options

For those who experience extreme anxiety when they visit the dentist, sedation dentistry can be very helpful. With sedation, you can remain calm and anxiety-free throughout your visit to the dentist, even if you are having numerous restorations done. If you are worried about your anxiety levels during dental work, talk to your dentist about sedation.

How Can Sedation Dentistry Help?

If you are visiting your dentist for a filling or a crown, or have to see an oral surgeon for an extraction or another procedure, you might be nervous about the type of anesthetic they will use. In many cases, dental restorations and certain types of oral surgery can be performed under local anesthetic. However, some people would prefer to add conscious sedation to the mix, either because they experience dental anxiety or because they have an uncomfortable reaction to traditional local anesthetic.

For some people, even a standard visit to the dentist can be difficult, either because their anxiety level is so high or because they have a very easily triggered gag reflex. For these people sedation dentistry can change a routine exam and cleaning from a difficult experience to a relaxing, stress-free time ina the dental chair.

Choosing Sedation

If you are interested in using sedation during your dental procedure, discuss the available options with your dentist or oral surgeon. There are three major types of sedation. You or your dentist or oral surgeon might have a preference as to which one will work best for you or be most appropriate for the specific procedure.

The three types of sedation dentistry include:

Oral sedation will cause you to be groggy both before and after your procedure. You will want to be sure you have someone to bring you home after your appointment. With nitrous oxide or with intravenous sedation, the sedative drug wears off more quickly, but you still might want to have someone bring you home so you’ll be as comfortable as possible.

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