Congenitally missing teeth: What are my options?

If you were born without some of your teeth, or if teeth are not present in the jawbone after your baby teeth fall out, you might want to have these missing teeth replaced. There are numerous options for tooth replacement, but the best of these is dental implants.

What Are Congenitally Missing Teeth?

Some people are born without all their teeth. This can include missing baby teeth or missing permanent teeth. Generally, this is caused by a genetic issue. Congenitally missing teeth are very common, and are usually not a serious problem. If you only have one or two teeth missing, it might not be an issue as you grow older. In some cases, people are missing wisdom teeth, which means they will not have to worry about having them extracted.

Once your baby teeth have fallen out and your permanent teeth have come in, if you still have teeth missing, and you feel that this is a problem either because you have difficulty chewing or because you don’t like the way your smile looks, you will probably want to explore your options for tooth replacement.

What Are My Options for Tooth Replacement?

There are several options for tooth replacement, including a full or partial denture, traditional dental implants, or a denture that is anchored with implants. Consulting with your dentist or oral surgeon will help you determine which of these is the best option for your needs.

The most natural-looking and -feeling option is dental implants. Implants provide an artificial root as well as a crown. The artificial root is placed directly in the jawbone by an oral surgeon or implant dentist. In most cases, the new root is allowed to heal for a few weeks before the crown is added. This allows the jawbone to bond to the titanium in the implant. After your implant has completely healed and the new crown has been added, it will look and feel just like a natural tooth.

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