Dental Implants: Enjoy the health benefits of a complete smile

If you’ve lost one or more teeth, tooth replacement is an important part of your dental care. Without it, you could face a variety of problems in the future as your remaining teeth move out of position. Dental implants are today’s replacement option of choice, as they provide several advantages over other prosthodontic techniques.

Why Do I Need to Replace Missing Teeth?

If you’ve only lost one or two teeth, you might not think replacement is high priority, especially if the tooth isn’t in the front of your mouth. After all, if you can’t see that a tooth is missing, it doesn’t detract from your appearance. However, if you don’t replace your lost tooth, your other tooth will move to fill the space. This means they’re no longer in the correct position.

Teeth that are out of proper position are considered to be misaligned. The top and bottom teeth don’t meet correctly for optimal biting and chewing, which can lead to problems like:

The best way to prevent these problems is tooth replacement.

Choosing Dental Implants

When it comes to replacing your teeth, you have a few options, but overall, dental implants are the best choice. They look and feel natural, since they’re permanent and stationary. You can eat any type of food you like without having to worry about dislodging them, as can sometimes happen with dentures. Be sure to see your dentist regularly to watch out for gum disease and for decay in your remaining teeth.

Dental implants are usually placed in two stages. First, an oral surgeon or implant dentist places the artificial roots in your jawbone. During the healing phase, the bone tissue bonds to the titanium implants. When the healing has created a solid foundation, the artificial tooth crowns are added. Over time, your new implants will help stimulate growth in your jawbone, preventing bone atrophy.

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