Open House: Reston

Welcome to NOVA OMS new Reston office!

Earlier this year, our Reston office was relocated to a different part of Reston. No worries, we didn’t go too far. We’re only 0.7 miles away from our old office. We are no longer on Sunset Hills Road we are now on Commerce Park Drive, right across the toll road from where our old office was located. We have 4 brand-new, state-of-the-art operatories, all outfitted with the latest technology and build for the comfort of our patients.

We had a great time having our Reston referring doctors over at our Open House this April. Below are the pictures of our Open House, you may some familiar staff members as well as some of the doctors we work with.

If you’d like to an appointment at our newest location, give us a call!

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