Will dental implants work for me?

Dental implants provide a state-of-the-art, realistic long-term option for tooth replacement. Traditional implants require a few weeks for the full procedure, but in some cases, with new techniques and advancements, you can have same day tooth replacement.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants are a tooth replacement option that replaces not only the visible crowns of the teeth but also the tooth roots. Typically, an artificial root anchors each individual tooth. This requires a strong foundation in the jawbone to support the roots. Other methods involve using fewer implants to support a removable denture. Implants are placed with an oral surgery procedure.

The root portion of the implant is made of titanium, because bone will create a natural bond with titanium. The bond, which occurs through a process called osseointegration, holds the root secure so your new teeth won’t shift or move in your mouth. This bond also means your jawbone will be stimulated to grow as you bite and chew. Without a tooth root in the socket, the bone of the jaw will atrophy over time as the body resorbs the minerals that make up the bone tissue.

What is Same Day Tooth Replacement

Traditional implants are placed in stages. First the root portion is placed, then allowed to heal while the bone bonds to the titanium. After this healing process is complete—usually after a few weeks—the tooth crowns are added. The process could take even longer if you must have bone grafts before the artificial roots are surgically inserted.

In same day tooth replacement, the roots and the crowns are set in place on the same day. Usually, same day replacement involves four implants that are used to secure a denture. The denture can be removed for cleaning, but remains stationary when you eat, chew, or talk. Implants are also sometimes set into the socket immediately after a tooth is extracted, reducing the amount of time required for successful healing.

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