Frequently Asked Oral Surgery Questions – Alexandria, VA

Ask Your Oral
Surgery Experts

We love putting our patients’ minds at ease, and often, the best way to do this is to simply answer their questions. Below, you’ll find our responses to some of the most popular ones we receive every day. Be sure to reach out to us if there is anything else you’d like to ask!

Will I have to take time off work for my surgery?

In most cases, we recommend that a patient at least take the day off of their surgery to relax and ensure the healing process starts correctly. Depending on the extent of the procedure as well as the nature of the job, we may ask them to take more time off, and all of this will be discussed at the initial consultation.

How long will it take me to recover from oral surgery?

This is a very open-ended question, as a lot of factors can influence a patient’s recovery time, ranging from which procedure they received to the state of their mouth beforehand. Some patients are back to normal within a week, while others might need three to six months to fully heal (as is the case with dental implants). When you come to see us, we’ll be able to give you a much better estimate of your recovery period.

What should I eat right after oral surgery?

We recommend that patients stick to a soft food diet initially so they don’t accidentally damage the surgery site. It’s best to stock up before the procedure on items like soup, yogurt, eggs, oatmeal, and similar ones so you don’t have to go to the store right after surgery!

How will my pain be managed?

For minor procedures, any lingering oral discomfort can be easily managed by over-the-counter drugs. For more involved treatments, we will prescribe pain medication. Other measures a patient can take involve applying an ice pack to the area to help reduce any swelling.

Do you accept dental insurance?

Yes, we are in-network with an extensive list of dental insurance plans, and we’ll be sure to go over your coverage so you have a good idea of how much your plan will help you save ahead of your procedure.

Do you accept medical insurance?

Yes, we are happy to work with medical insurance plans and can even file claims on our patients’ behalf. Give us a call today so we can go over your plan and let you know how we can use it.